Rule 1Edit

Please do not badge farm. Badge farming always ends in chaos.

What is Badge Farming?Edit

Badge Farming from Community Central Wiki;

Once a badge is awarded, it can't be taken away. If someone is making silly edits just to get badges, then you can leave them a message on their talk page about it. As always, it's best to assume good faith -- they may not realize that they're doing anything wrong. Talking to them usually helps! If someone is vandalizing the wiki and fails to respond to messages, then blocking them from the wiki will remove their badges and take them off the leaderboard.

Badge Farming is just making useless edits on pages just to earn badges. If you are badge farming, you may be removed from the website.

Rule 2Edit

Please do not use copyrighted images.

Rule 3Edit

Please do have bad behaviour (inapropriate language, bullying, etc). You will be removed from the wiki immeadiatly.